Dear Sir or Madam

Since our inception, a lot has changed.
However, one thing has remained: Our high quality requirements and the innovative strength of our products. Anyone who wants to keep up with the competition of tomorrow needs a partner at his side with the highest quality standards and delivery reliability.

In the extrusion process, from granulates we manufacture profiles for the highest requirements .

Whether individual custom profiles according to customer drawings or standard profile - we are your reliable partner with years of experience and material competence. In our broad range of services, different geometries from semi-finished products to special shaped special profiles are possible.

From "rough" to "anodised", "powder-coated" and "polished" to "LED-optimized" almost all material properties are possible and herewith each component part concept is precisely tailored to the customer's requirements and needs.

For a non-committal discussion, we are gladly at your disposal.


We would like to take over the development of your project and support you on your way to profile solutions:

- Project development
- Common solution
- CAD support
- Fast tool manufacturing
- Pre-production delivery and discussion of samples
- Series supervision and quality inspection
- Logistics support worldwide


Our extrusion advantages:

- Free from chafing: High transparency of the products - no extrusion lines visible
- Special materials
- LED-optimized materials
- Special surfaces, matte / satined surfaces
- Very wide color spectrum
- Exceptional cross-sections
- Cut to size
- Punching
- Drilling
- Milling
- Protection foil
- Attaching double-sided adhesive tape
-Customer-oriented special packages glued with end flaps.


The basis of our work: Quality

Our material and quality philosophy combines the knowledge of yesterday with the technology of today and the thinking of tomorrow.That is why we are committed to adhering to our high-quality standards in the production process in order to maintain our leadership requirements in the future.

Quality needs experience

The selection of the perfect components is the key to successful products. The best basis for this is our many years of experience and material knowledge: From the selection of the suitable raw materials according to the application-specific requirements, the material and product-appropriate design, the planning and optimization of process-relevant parameters up to the comprehensive customer service – which starts with Design Consulting and does not stop even after reliable delivery – you get everything from one source.

Quality needs technology

The use of innovative technology in our production machine park ensures the constant development and optimization of the production processes.

Quality needs security

All business processes are constantly overlord and hinge on the strict Plastic Profile quality guidelines. Modern measuring and testing facilities ensure the necessary transparency of the processes.

Quality needs performance

5,000 or 500,000 pieces? In license manufacturing, we deliver your desired quantity and optimize the supplier management reliably, price-performance-oriented and timely. Thereby only the highest quality granulates are used.In our production we realize nearly all the services of plastic profile production: From consulting and production to post-processing, such as milling, drilling and gluing.

Quality needs flexibility and speed

The time factor plays an important role in times of increasingly scarce production cycles. The timely delivery always allows conclusions about the flexibility of the company and its employees. Due to efficient working time models and large production capacities, large quantity of orders and fast delivery times can be guaranteed.

Quality needs service

For us, strategic supplier development always means delivering the performance that boosts your business success. Whether it is pure consulting with regard to production and development or full-service production at our company - we solve your tasks.


The development of Plastic Profile always works on the latest software level.
By default, CATIA is used; of course, other data formats can also be processed.
We have direct access to the various OEM databases worldwide and directly exchange our data and new developments. Of course we can start the first analyzes via simulation software. The region also houses well-known companies in the field of sintering technology, with the help of which the first prototypes can be produced quickly.

Own Toolmaking

An essential strength of the company is its own tool and mold construction. Around 12 employees produce all our extrusion tools. In this way, we can maintain our know-how and continuously develop it further.
This gives our customers a further advantage: we are independent from external vendors and delivery times and can react with the greatest flexibility to the requirements of our customers.